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External big data processes - quick delivery without the need for integration

Get proactive insights by using alternative data analytics pipelines including customized features and advanced analytics. We offer end-to-end alternative data analytics-as-a-service solutions with quick delivery and without the need for integration. Our service allows you to speed up data processing and enrich research capabilities in the area of the following data sources.

Social Media and HR Data

Social Media and HR Data

Insights based on millions of articles, comments from social media and news data, discover market anomalies and test hypotheses. Moreover, by observing the HR data and flow of skilled workforce one can identify the company's strategy and potential problems or opportunities within the organization.

E-commerce and Reviews

E-commerce and Reviews

Pricing, supply and demand, inventory level data for companies enables to identify i.a. influence of promotional actions and estimate revenues of e-commerce platforms and retailers. On the other hand, nowcasting customer emotions allows companies to compare themselves with competitors and check performance within the specific locations.

Geo-location Data

Geo-location Data

Tracking the volume and flow of people in specific regions allows to identify i.a. attractive locations for the horeca sector or risky areas from a insurance perspective. In addition to time series analytics, data can be enhanced with behavioral information.

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Alternative Data

data scraping, engineering and visualization pipelines - 100s of supported data sources - social media, e-commerce, geo-location and more



natural language processing, ML, scoring services pipelines - discover market anomalies based on 1,000,000s of real-time data points



simple pricing - monthly subscription; flexible, quick delivery - BI reports, raw data, API and more; no-extra integration or installation

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Banacha Street

Our aim is to provide math-based solutions to business by bridging the gap between academia and the industry.

University of Warsaw spin-out

Quant_kit Sp. z o.o. is a company created by the Banacha Street group that is affiliated with the University of Warsaw.

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